Monday, October 21, 2013

Look at this limited palette cover work by Kent Williams..

Similar to the Mark Behm video I posted recently, but it's pretty obvious he used much brighter colors than burnt and raw sienna with black and white. Looks like a pretty powerful yellow and red, maybe both cadmium? And black. White too, or he couldn't have got that flesh tone. Then something blue - can't tell what kind of hue. Or maybe the cool purplish color in the bg was mixed from his red and black? I'd like to try to do something with a similar palette. That really low chroma palette I just used was making me feel kind of restricted, though I must say I was amazed what I was able to do with it, and it really did demonstrate to me that you can use blacks or grays to cool a color significantly and it helped me to get cools and neutral grays into the flesh tones.

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