Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preparing to switch over to Alkyd paint. Thanks Wacom, now I know I can do this!!

I'm so glad I decided to get a tablet, and that I stuck with it even though in the beginning I sucked terribly with it. I remember trying to draw a necklace on an old Fafhrd head I had done originally in oil pastels, and I couldn't get my highlight line to sit right next to the shadow line. Now that I'm so used to the stylus I can do stuff like that super easy.

This gives me immense confidence that I;ll be able to handle paintbrushes after futzing around with them for a while too. I had myself convinced for a good while there that I:m just not cut out for painting, I'm used to drawing media instead. But if I can get used to the stylus to the point where I kick ass with it like I do now, then I can do the same with paint. I plan to switch over once I;m set up for painting, and spend all day every day painting the way I've been doing with the tablet (though Ill still work out my drawings on the tablet first).

Also my tablet work has helped me to work out my painting method, because I'm doing it exactly the way I will in paint - develop the original drawing into a value painting, then work in color. Ah, the old traditional separation of drawing, modeling and coloring! Ya know, those classical master guys were pretty smart cookies!!

Oh, and I just ordered a nice little tabletop easel with a bar that extends downward off the front edge of the table so the painting is right over your lap. This should be perfect - I always did my drawings on my lap, either on a drawing board or a pad. It's how I want to paint too, no need to hold your arms extended way out in front of you all day while your shoulders burn and your back aches. I still remember how painful it was when I did the paintings from earlier on this blog. I was planning to put my canvas or canvas panel on a board sitting on my lap and lean it against a table - that's exactly why I bought the drafting table (which came in yesterday, along with the chair - wow, next day delivery!) But this will be just as good, and should give me a bit more freedom since the painting isn't actually sitting right on my lap. But I love the fact that I can pull my chair in and get my legs way in underneath it - which I don't think most floor easels will allow.

Pics coming as soon as I get the easel and get it all set up in my current bedroom. I'm moving the bed into its new home today and expect the easel early next week. I just couldn't take another 6 to 8 hour session crammed into that tiny space behind my animation table sitting perched way up on that extremely hard uncomfortable high chair. I also have very bad memories of long periods of time spent pre-mixing colors, many of which I ended up not using anyway. No more doing that either!!

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