Sunday, October 20, 2013

Started posting on deviantART today

After trying to connect with Conceptart but finding it's down again. Seems to happen a lot. I checked "is down?" - there's actually an online service that you can check for balky sites to see if the site is really down or if it's on your end, and there's an endless list of recent and old comments there from people complaining because it goes down so much, and apparently the format has changed and the forum isn't nearly what it used to be (some peoples' opinions anyway).

SOooooooo.... I went over to deviantART instead and submitted Victorious and Spearpoint Diplomacy to the account I created there 4 years ago and have never used. And I didn't bother to snoop around first and check on how things are done round those parts -- lol, hope I didn't break any norms..

I'll put my deviant page in the sidebar (*if I can - it won't let me post a link to my Flickr set of drawings and paintings.. )

* I discovered it will let me edit old links, so I swapped out my Luca Cambiaso and Ubaldo Gandalfi links for my devianART and Flickr pages instead. Man, talk about downgrading..

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