Thursday, October 17, 2013

Converting value sketch to color...

Painting is well underway now. So far I've used only the palette Mark Behm was using in that video clip - burnt sienna, raw sienna, black and white. I captured color swatches off a Dick Blick page of oil colors, pasted them together to make a single image, then opened it in photoshop and used it to pull colors from. Then I made a palette as a separate image where I pre-mixed swatches... aw heck, easier to show you:

I just added the blue-grey background to make it easier on the eye - the BG is actually white so as not to screw up colors I mix over it.

I did start with these colors, but they've been modified many times via adjustment layers and different types of blending layers, as well as a warming filter over all of it. I can see though I;m going to need to add a couple more colors. I don;t think this is a good palette for me - I need stronger colors. And this might be a bit off - the burnt sienna looks kinda purple to me.

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