Thursday, October 17, 2013

Super limited palette

Ran across this little gem the other night - talk about a limited palette!! He used only black, white, and burnt sienna. No real cools at all, except for the black I suppose. I need to try this. ** Note - he usually uses this palette plus raw sienna, which is yellower. It looks like he has some raw sienna here - maybe he just forgot to add it to the description? Anyway that sounds like a much more useful palette.

Ok, it looks like the greys are very cool in comparison with the warm sienna. I love the way he only used a couple of brushes, all flats and brights, and used the corners for details and lines. I also notice he doesn't use different brushes to blend, he seems to just keep using the same brush he was just painting with, not even cleaning it first. I guess you develop a feel for when most of the paint is gone and it's ready for blending. Looks like Burt's been putting on some weight..

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