Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two New Torsos and my new favorite drawing tool

Remember a while back when I made an excited post about all the Unicorn Studio unglazed porcelain statues on NewEgg? Then I found them on another store too.. Well, eventually I decided against getting any except for these 2 torsos because, as well detailed and realistic as they were, they lack sharpness in the cuts. Very soft rounded detailing on inside details - meaning creases or what should be sharp indentations, like where fingers are laid against the body etc. That kills entirely too much definition overall. But these torsos are big enough (about 10 inches tall - same height as the standing figures), and they don't have any of those sharp undercuts - well actually I guess they do, but for some reason the detailing on these is sharp as a pin. I found them both on eBay for $30 apiece with free shipping, which is the best price I've seen anywhere. 

I also just got in my new Koh-I-Noor 3.15mm lead holder - right in between the 2mm Staedtler and the chunky 5.6mm Art Alternatives lead holder that I did some of my previous cast drawings with, which is good for big background work, but really too thick for drawing. This one feels juuuust right! Could be the perfect sketch pencil - the lead goes down smooth and creamy, unlike so many of the various pencils I've tried recently. It's an ugly dark green octagonal tube with an ugly utilitarian button sticking out the back of it, but that doesn't matter - what matters is how it works. 

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