Friday, April 18, 2014

Feeling my way - and making stable the table

I'm feeling my way through CSP (the initials are starting to grow on me anyway, if not the actual name). Trying different approaches. The top one was based on some superhero stuff by Marko Djurdjevick - I kinda like most of the head, the rest sucks.

But on the bottom one I started to work out a system that I think is a good one. 1st pencil layer I just worked out the basic forms of the body - and in fact I didn't like it so I faded it, turned it blue, and drew over it with black pencil on a new layer. Switched off the 1st layer, turned the 2nd one blue and faded it, drew over it with black pencil on a new layer. It was looking better now, but still not detailed enough to ink over, so I did the same again and drew over it again, this time adding in lots of loose scribbly inking with no real thought for precision or even making it look nice, I was feeling my way. Just wanted to build up a sense of form by layering lots of lines - the way I used to do in pencil. It's a bit different on a tablet, and in black rather than grey, but it did feel familiar and comfortable.

And I changed something else very basic as well, which I think helped immensely. I've been drawing/painting with the tablet laying on my lap, usually legs crossed to prop it up a bit. But I started getting really fed up with that - I know it screws up my accuracy. The tablet tends to wobble around as I'm drawing, though in a way my hand moves with it, so hard to tell if it really hurts accuracy or not, but it feels like it must. So I put a bar clamp on the leg of the computer table and laid the edge of a drawing board on it, with the other edge on my lap, then put the tablet on that. Muuuch better!! It seems like it freed up my hand and arm to draw - somehow until now I must have had to sort of hold the tablet steady to some extent with my arm while drawing, which apparently prevented good free movement.

I also pulled the drafting table out in the studio upstairs. I was getting really fed up with trying to draw stuff sitting right beside me, so that I have to turn my head 90 degrees to see it, then back to draw, and I'm looking down almost on top of the objects I'm drawing, putting them in a really weird extreme perspective. I'm finally addressing the wobbly, unstable, uncomfortable ways of drawing that I've been using all along - maybe this is the beginning of a new phase…

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