Sunday, April 6, 2014

Comic panel with notes

Done last night.


  • Pentel Sharp .05 mechanical pencil, 2H lead
  • Hunt crow quill pen with 102 nib
  • Kuretake brush pen loaded with Noodler's Bulletproof ink
  • various small flat and filbert brushes for wash and white gouache (W&N and Acryl)
  • Pigma Micron .05 for borders, which I re-did completely in photoshop today
  • Photoshop for cleanup, corrections, straightening and borders

Here's the original before all the cleanup - well actually I had made an attempt at a photoshop border which wasn't very successful yet:


The Kuretake is actually amazingly good for this. In fact, I gotta say, it's kept its point better than any other brush I've ever used - though I'm sure that's because it's staying wet with ink rather than getting washed and drying in between uses If I did was and dry it it would doubtless splay out like all my other brushes do.

Lines down with a dip pen must be left to dry OVERNIGHT - even after a couple hours they can smear when you erase. The more flexible nibs seem to leave more ink than the less flexible ones.

The Turner Acryl gouache is whiter and more opaque, while being more fluid, than the Windsor/Newton Designer's gouache, but the instant I dip a brush in it I can feel the ticking time bomb effect - I know if I let that acrylic paint dry for as little as maybe 5 minutes the brush is useless. No such fear with the W&N, and I can always use several applications.

Cleaned the ink out of the Niji mini water brush last night and learned how to completely disassemble it. I just ordered several more, including a flat, to keep varying grades of wash in. But then a round used on it's side is much like a flat. If this works, then the only thing I'll need the little inkwell for is the dip pen.

The Spectrafix cap makes a perfect inkwell - perfect size and shape, the transparency is exactly what's needed, and when dumping ink back into the bottle it beads up and runs off, leaving only a couple of tiny dots to be wiped out, no waste and cleans up like a dream.

I poured some Noodler's into one of my 2 oz dispenser bottles, which are nice and airtight, and this makes it easy to pour ink into the little well and back into the dispenser bottle. You can unscrew the top to reveal a wide mouth. Simple and neat. Here's a pic:

Lol, the leftover Coke cap is great for covering it to prevent evaporation when I'm not actively using it.

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