Tuesday, April 8, 2014


After seeing the video in my last post, I wanted to do something similar. It's amazing watching a good concept artist scribble and see something incredible take form right before your eyes, and keep changing little by little until it's a killer picture.

So I scribbled up a Fafhrd color form and started using it like a paper doll to design clothes on. 1st attempt above, but it was looking more Eastern karate-pants than Viking marauder. That's ok - the fun of this is how easy it is to switch off each garment and whip up some new ones. Second time around I downloaded a bunch of refs for viking clothes (thankfully the cable show is thoroughly researched, and avoids those completely ridiculous cliches like horns and wings on helmets, which were invented by some costume designer for some opera same as big buckles on Pilgrim clothes).

Can't say this is much better yet, but it's a start.

Here he is in nearly naked mannikin form.

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