Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oops - forgot one..

Ahh, feels good to draw on a big luxurious sketchpad again at long last! Everything has been in either a pocket moleskin (4 x 5 I think) or it's larger cousin (8 x 5) held on my lap in an office chair with my arms trapped between my body and the arms of the chair, drawing like a T Rex. This makes it hard to get any kind of flowing lines. Hmm, ok, the lines on this don't exactly flow, but today I started getting a more flawy quality on my Bridgeman studies thanks to Kimonas on Conceptart for pointing out how hairy and scribbly my lines were getting. I think I did this one right after (last night) but it wasn't till today I found my flow really.

But here I tried a different variation - drawing from the shoulder but with my hand against the paper and using a pen grip - pretty nice. It's the way the artist's drills on CGMA were done if I remember right. So I tried some of the multiple line drills - top drawing from the shoulder, hand hovering, 6 passes over the same line segment. Under it the same, but with hand resting on paper and moving my head to where I can see the line better the way the guy on CGMA did. Tried it several times, this way is always far more accurate. Then some circles - the small ones pen grip with only finger movement, larger ones arm movement hand on paper . Arm movement is always more flowy and smooth, and resting the edge of the hand on the paper and sliding it along pen grip style increases accuracy greatly.

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