Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Reilly Papers

I just stumbled across an amazing discovery! A blog called The Reilly Papers, where John Ennis (student of a student of a student of Mr. Reilly) is gradually publishing the boxed notes from Frank Reilly's legendary lectures on drawing and painting. Reilly was considered one of the greatest instructors on drawing and painting, and had developed his own methods, which he taught to generations of students, many of whom went on to become preeminent illustrators and fine artists. Reilly's methods have never been published in book form directly, but a few 2nd or 3rd generation students have put together books on it at a remove. I have Jack Faragasso's book on the Reilly method, and I've skimmed it and intend to devote some time to it very soon.

Mr. Ennis has received a cache of 9 large boxes stuffed full of Reilly's handwritten notes for his lectures. He has received very generous offers from various museums who want to preserve the material archivally, but none of them would present it for public viewing. So he opted instead to go through and scan the notes and post them along with his own explanations. This is an incredible opportunity! Ill add the link to my sidebar, but you can also click on the picture or HERE.

The picture demonstrates Reilly's Poster stage of painting, a planar approach laid in with flat shapes of color at the correct values, but with no highlights applied yet, and no edge blending.

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