Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frazetta study in alkyds (w/ walnut oil)

CA.O is down once again, don't feel like waiting, so I'll post this first here.

My walnut oil painting solvent and medium came in, and I decided to do today's master study in alkyds. What an exercise on frustration, alternating with promising results. A real roller coaster. What I came away learning is that when you first put paint down and can;'t do anything with it, wait a while and then work over it gently with a soft badger brush - by then it'll lose the excess liquidity and you can sort of work with it. In fact I was despairing about how to ever get any kind of precision or control, but now I see that part comes later, when you push it around. Though I Might get better control if I put it down in the first place with badger brushes. Anyway --

Stopped here for the day. Also decided to order 5 drawing boards the same size as my canvas pad, so I can have several paintings going at once - you need to do the initial wash-in and let that set up overnight, unless you're going totally alla prima.

I also learned I can't draw for shit with a paintbrush!! Guess I'll get better at it, probably need to work more on accuracy and check it as I go.

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