Friday, February 14, 2014

Easel apron = crap -- so do mongoose brushes

You really need to either wear dedicated painting clothes or cover clothes - when you get up you're going to transfer anything on your hands to your pants. I guess you could depend on always thoroughly cleaning your hands and sleeves etc every time you get up, but you're going to miss something now and then.

Plus it's a hassle to get at the stuff under the table with that cloth hanging there, and to place any kind of mahlstick (I'm currently using a tripod which is far from ideal).

And mongoose brushes are crap versions of sable - but they don't hold a crisp edge, they put fuzzy marks all over everything. For oil painting you need hog bristle and sable.

All the painting I attempted to do yesterday is also crap, and I broke the sd card for my camera.

That is all.

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