Tuesday, February 11, 2014

painting study from last night - vase with brushes and drapery

My goal, after the disappointment of the prior Frazetta study, was mostly to work on accurate drawing in paint using a brush - blocking in directly rather than working over a drawing. Initially I wasn't doing so well, but as I went I got bolder and started wiping things out and re-working.

Most important lesson learned - block things out roughly, take a break, then you can spend all day blending and re-working - the paint loses it's liquidity after a while and gets a lot easier to work with. Oh, and for this reason, start paintings in the morning! Not 7:30 pm like I did! Or use clove oil to extend open time for a week or more (supposedly). Clove oil is on its way.

Soon I want to try a method I discovered in Jack Faragasso's Oil Painting For the Student (detailing the Reilly method for interior figure painting). Working on a toned ground - you begin by laying down a solid color all over and then scratching in your drawing using the tip of the brush handle. Nice - for an eraser just flip the brush around and rub out with the bristles. Sort of the opposite of sketching with paint on white canvas and then toning.

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