Thursday, September 26, 2013

Whoah!! ... I draw in ITALICS????!!!#@$!

I've learned to frequently flip the image, which lets me fix all kinds of problems, but even at this late date I've always been bothered by something - when flipped it looks like everything is leaning too far in one direction. As soon as I un-flip it it looks right again, but I suddenly wondered - what would happen if I use the Skew tool to - um - skew the whole image until it looks right when flipped? Results follow..

Flipped, you can see the slight tilt to the right..

Straighten up soldier! I know, you can't really see a difference - but it's very apparent when you click through and look at these in Lightbox. Like night and day.

That's more like it!! So weird.. how did I never notice this before? Apparently, everything I've ever drawn - like EVER --- in my entire LIFE --- has been crooked!

I wonder if that's true for a lot of people?

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