Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mirror Fafhrd

It's subtle, a bit hard to see, but I didn't like the way the highlight areas were looking flat and glaring - mostly I think because I had left them rather than painting highlights onto darker skin colors. So I painted mid/light tones over them on a darken layer so as not to cover up line work and details etc, then painted new highlights on another layer set to Soft Light or Hard Light, don't remember. Didn't get quite the look I was after (suggested by the impasto highlights on the Abbot last post), for that I could have used a smaller harder brush and worked a bit more opaquely, scribbling marks in all over like the reverse of the way I did the subtle shadows under the pecs. But what I ended up with is actually a bit darker than the original highlights and more yellowish, complementing the purple shadows nicely.

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