Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comparing these you can see how I straightened Faf up - I kept thinking there was too much headroom, and his body lingo was all slumped and weak. Now he dominates the space.

I also decided against the yellow stretchy pants - it was looking like a Calvin Klein ad or something. Swapped em in for some nice barbaric pants with metal-adorned belt.

But mainly Ilm dealing with one of my most persistent problems - color saturation and how to deal with it. It's fantasy art, so it should be brilliant and juicy, but not all over - you need a strategy for where and when to crank it up. In my head I know the strategy - saturation only in mid tones, as color moves toward dar and light grey it down. I know this, and yet I don't do it - not sure why. Then I have to go through all kinds of acrobatics to fix it.

I also think I should have put some reflected sky blue in the shadows, same as I did on Faf. Why would the entire cliff face, in sunlight and shadow, be orange? Slap forehead now.

I suppose it's just a matter of starting to trust my instincts and act on them.

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