Thursday, July 10, 2014

Time to get loose

A little searching turned up the website of Xia Taptara (who did the tutorial in the last post) @, where I discovered a writeup he did on loose painting. I suppose I was picking up on the fact that his technique is a bit different from the usual digital/concept art approach - he says he goes for a more 'analog' looking style based on Frazetta, Zorn, Waterhouse, and Sargent. Well I'm extremely glad I stumbled onto this today, I really needed it!! If I would have continued to think of this as strictly a concept art/digital illustration thing I wouldn't have the right attitude toward it, it would feel artificial to me. Lol ok, ignoring the irony of that. But THIS I can sink my teeth into with gusto!!

And it's not just a modern art thing either - painters have always worked like this - it's just that the classical ones mostly refined it to perfection afterwards, though Titan and a few more were known for leaving non-focal areas pretty rough. It's really just an alla-prima approach; direct painting. And very Kent Williams.

Note to self - liking the Thick Heavy Brushes for this - smoother round so far.

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