Thursday, July 17, 2014

Calibration required… ?

Well I discovered today that apparently other people see my paintings very differently than I do. Pindurski did a paintover with little arrows and circles all pointing to various areas in the solid black background and said some are nearly black, some are grey, and on his monitor the difference is very clear. I had to crank up the brightness on mine until it literally hurt my eyes, and then I could see it.

I do keep my monitor turned way down to nearly as dark as it goes - not only is this supposed to increase the life of the display (the part that tends to break down first on iMacs - it's always been the case for mine), but it's a lot easier on the eyes as well. If I turn it up halfway the white web pages are blazing like the surface of a 100 watt lightbulb.

And suddenly a conversation I had recently with Bri in the Sky makes a lot more sense!! He had done a dark queen painting that looked really murky and too dark to me, even her lightsabers looked dull like the batteries were burning out. I adjusted some things and posted it, and he was shocked at how ridiculously bright I had apparently made the whole thing.

So I ordered a Spyder monitor calibrator today. They apparently adjust black levels as well as just color, so maybe that's going to do the trick. Or maybe I need to crank up the brightness and turn my monitor into a spotlight a couple of times on each painting to make sure my blacks are really black and there are no hidden surprises in there that I can't see..

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