Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Greywand sketch

Greywand is the name Fafhrd gives to any broadsword he picks up. I know this is horribly ugly in many ways - but I gotta play around and let this develop into something - this drawing approach I mean. This one became utterly unworkable because somehow I ended up with about 27 different layers, all different blending modes and opacities, and it became too complicated. I couldn't do anything to one layer anymore without screwing up several others in totally unpredictable ways.

Must. Keep. It. Simpler.

Why it went wrong - so I can remember later:
I had a background layer of flat color and was drawing on a separate layer, but unfortunately in places I drew with background color rather than using the eraser. Then later I changed the background layer color to green (from a pale yellow). So that meant that, unless I was going to go through and laboriously erase all the yellow from the drawing, I couldn't put my colors on a layer under the drawing - it had to be above it as a darken color layer. But the hair wasn't darker than the background, so I had to make a color layer for it and carefully avoid going over the lines… it just got more complicated from there. I need to adhere to strict discipline - only black lines on the drawing layer!!

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