Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ain't so bad - and moving toward subtlety

I was too harsh on my latest. It doesn't need to be just  like the more dynamic images - which are so dynamic largely because they're based on very dynamic photos. It's a full-body standing portrait, which has different demands from a snapshot where parts of the body are cropped out - those can be far more dynamic and more interesting compositions. It invites a much more close-upinspection, and it rewards it more than the others do. Though I think it would benefit powerfully from flattening all the layers and working on the image overall with some unifying lighting/shadow.

In fact I notice now that all my paintings are clumsy and crude. In terms of lighting and color mostly (or at least that's what I'm noticing now).

I spoent about an hour looking at PreRapahelite paintings, and amazed at how subtly the light and color flows across the image - the figures and the environments. Fugitive light - touching here and these with exquisite subtlety and vanishing before it's even noticed, but leaving a slight imprint.

Must do that dammit!

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