Monday, June 2, 2014

Dave Sim: The Lost Interview

At various times throughout my life I seem to become fascinated with this guy - I'm not entirely sure why. Must be because he's not just a comic book artist but a true creator (and then co-creator) who's mind delves into philosophy. It's fascinating to read just about anything he writes, whatever the subject.

Dave Sim: The Lost Interview

I especially like the part about who's in charge of each part of the comic creation process, Sim the writer, Sim the artist, or Sim the letterer, and on how he and Gerhard collaborate(d).

I could swear I used to have at least one of the big phone book collections - either High Society or maybe Church and State, but it's either buried to deep to be found or I gave it away at some point.  I've just ordered the 1st 3 collections - wow, hope I like it enough to justify that!! I seem to have a nagging ghost of a memory that I ended up not really liking it that much before, which would explain why I no longer seem to have it. But we'll see.

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