Saturday, April 20, 2013

Full canvas revealed at last! plus New simplified background

Made a drastic decision concerning the background - the X shape behind him was very distracting and unnecessary - all attention would be on him regardless. I was really unsure as I did this, but I like it - in fact it looks very Frazetta-esque. Now I can really see the left half as a back cover, and the little rock spur on the right is suggesting a story for the front cover.

Lol his head looks really stupid now - seems too small and I finally faced the fact that it needs to be completely redrawn. So does his entire abdomen/pelvis - I might need to temporarily extend the canvas downward far enough to sketch in his legs so I can figure out the pelvis form.

Really digging' the new simplicity! I'll probably airbrush in some lighter purple here and there just to break up the flat solidity of it.

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