Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Catching up... and I CAN FREAKING PAINT NOW!!!




 photo BemusedNewv2_zps7c421de4.jpg

 photo dirt_zps8f178943.jpg

 photo dirt2_zps77c0129f.jpg

 photo dirt3_zpsa91cce1c.jpg

 photo Colorform_zps4498bd8e.jpg

This is amazing... I can't believe I can actually PAINT now!! Was starting to think it was never going to happen. But thanks to photoshop and my tablet I can get the colors and values in the right places now and make it all look good! And suddenly it's like I've busted through that wall I've been beating my head against for a few decades - the wall that's always stopped me from working in full color. Busted through and I find myself in an entirely new realm of amazing freedom and vast spaces and colors. Incredibly exciting!! And now the skills I had developed in pencil are rising up to their old levels and beyond - and I'm extremely happy to note that my concepts about the human figure, anatomy and picture-making in general have reached new levels of sophistication.

Working in color gives you far more subtlety than greyscale ever could.

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