Friday, April 19, 2013

Form Studies

Didn't like the perspective on that last one so I reworked it a bit:

This stuff is pretty hard to do for weird reasons - creating the masks takes forever and you run into all kinds of unforeseen problems, especially when trying to do perspective. I also don't really like the mechanical airbrushy look of them - I want to do freehand painted versions soon. Plus - I couldn't even tell you where the light source is in those last two! Sort of abstract. Hmmmmm - perspective is still off too..

Kept messing with it, playing around a lot with the Dissolve mode and a bit of blur to soften edges - this looks a lot better! Less mechanical, more organic. This is doubtless far better than a completely freehand sphere painting - no problem with starting from a mechanically perfect circle as long as you overpaint enough to disguise its origins and make it look all soft and fuzzy like this. 

Ok, Getting tired of re-working this one, but I corrected the overdark shading and the overbright highlight. Developing my photoshop muscles. 

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