Sunday, December 9, 2012

Here's a nice video I found today - it adds something essential to my knowledge that fits in perfectly with the techniques I've been using.

Rather than pay attention specifically to what color to use, apparently the idea is just to use the right value and right temperature (with I suppose some idea of hue involved at some point, thougj maybe not very important really).

Just as no values in the shadows should be as bright as any value in light, the same applies to color tem - if you're doing warm lights/cool shadows (most common outdoor scheme) then your highlights will be the warmest, fading toward cooler warms as it nears the ende og shadows. Then colls in the shadows, fading toward warmer cools as it nears the light.

This makes several times recently that I've run across refernces to the idea of not worrying about specific colors, but simply chosing the right vale and color temperature. What a liberating concept!! It's sort of what I did on the oil sketch gone horribly wrong from last night, thugh for the basic colors I did pay attentin to flesh tones. Aside fron that though, I was dabbing greens, blues, purples, reds etc all over wherever the value was right.

Now add to that color temperature and it might all start go go together coherently.

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