Monday, November 26, 2012

It Has Arrived

One of the first things I did when I decided to commit myself totally to artistic growth was to finally order an ecorche figure, something I've long considered. Paid $399 for this bad boy (and now when I visited the site to grab the pic I find they're having a Christmas sale on the older models for anywhere from $179 to $299!!! Crap, I would have settled for an older, gently used model!) I checked the box requiring a signature for it, because lately a few UPS orders (including my $60 book of Moby Dick illos/paintings/engravings etc) have been delivered elsewhere - to neighbors or something (I got some packages for the Opplingers recently, and some guy knocked on my door with a few things for me that he found on the doorstep of a house he was house-sitting - right address number, wrong street! What can brown do for you, for reals yo?)

I prepared for it - even though I'm on a nocturnal schedule just now I left the shades open on the front door and decided in advance what my procedure would be when the knock wakes me up - decided to sleep with a shirt on and just grab up my jeans and pull them on while hobble-stomping to the door - the shades left open so he can see I'm on my way. I'm very glad I thought it through - I woke from a deep sleep to the knock and after a second of disorientation flew right into action. If I hadn't planned my attack I would have sat there trying to decide if I should put socks on and shoes or...

Got there just as he was putting the sticker on the door, and he peeled it right off and the deal was done. The box was like a monolith - I could literally hear the 2001 music playing as excitement mounted.

Anyway, now I've got him ensconced in my studio, his place of honor right next to Mr Thrifty my medical-school skelton (which only cost me $40 back in the 90's!)

In related news, I also brought the tall bar stool down last night for the studio - it's the perfect height for the easel - and I dug through some boxes in my room trying to unearth some watercolor paper - I know I have a lot of it - but what I found was some slightly grubby illustratiom board and a few of my best 90's drawigs - the ones I KNEW I had done but could never find before - demonstrating the height of my artistic skills to date and just before my backslide into the decadent Alternative period of the late 90's when distortion and flattening and bad colors ruled the day (my terrible attempt to be like Kent Williams, ignoring all my anatomical knowledge and all other knowedge and skill I posessed. By the way, I now understand, that's NOT how he does it!)

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