Saturday, November 17, 2012

Digging up history

I've been rooting around in the massive stacks of books in the next room and box after box upstairs trying to locate all my best figure drawing and anatomy texts, and just now I finally located Master Class in Figure Drawing; one of the very best. I believe I've now assembled the complete volumes of both Hogarth's Dynamic series and Hale's Great Master series, though Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery still resides near the bottom of a very heavy stack next door until I decide to unearth it. I even located a forgotten book called Artistic Anatomy by a Dr Reicher, translated and edited by Hale. One rather troubling note - most of the book have a distinct musty odor and even some page yellowing - especially around the edges. The unfortunate result of my decision to move them to the basement years ago due to too many books and too little space in my room.

While upstairs I also decided to look through the sketchbooks from 95 and my original figure drawing/anatomy studies. Wow, I remembered them being much better!! Funny how we can fool ourselves about our own artwork! Poring over parts of Dynamic Figre Drawing I see I've forgottn probably 95% of what I once knew (or thought I did). Time to go over it all again - I even remember that when I first studied this stuff I knew it was too much to absorb all at once, but thought of it as a rough first go-round, which would begin to impress the information into my mind, and that subsequent re-readings and sessions would solidify it much better. Time to dip in again.

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