Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Saga of the Cheerio Buckle

Taking a break from grinding on this to post real quick. I've been laboring away incessantly, making lots of little changes that are almost unnoticeable, but together they make things look significantly different. This is the biggest change - what I'm calling the Cheerio belt buckle. It isn't great, but I'm starting to find techniques for painting this kind of detailed bronze ornamentation, so prevalent  in Barbarian Chic this year (well, every year I suppose). It really draws the attention instantly - thanks to the high contrast and detailed patterning - and unfortunately it looks good enough that it makes everything else look bad in comparison.

I consider it a transitional step - already I'm getting ideas about how to rework it so it won't look so wonky - or rather so it's okay to look wonky. I think stuff like this could have been forged by rather primitive artisans, and it wouldn't necessarily be precise and perfect. But the problem now is that, because I used circles arranged into what is supposed to be an oval pattern, it LOOKS like it should be precise. These are all geometric shapes. But I realized - if I just replace the Cheerios with non-geometric shapes - something like runes - then it would be ok for them to be a bit off kilter and lopsided. Nobody would even be able to tell really.

Also, because the buckle is looking so good - I'm going to let it be the new standard and try to bring the rest of the painting up to that level as well. That won't happen by New Year's Eve (unless it's some kind of New Year's Miracle!) -- but I'm looking for it sometime early next year. That's how my paintings tend to work, ya know - pick it up every year or 2 and bring it up to a new level..

Anyway, back to work on it!! Gotta re-do that sword next!

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