Saturday, December 24, 2016


Well, I'm having a blast with the newfound skillz! Here are the latest 2 pictures. On Fafhrd (below) I'm not going to try to finish it - it began life as just a quick sketch, so the drawing itself is pretty screwed up and so are many other things about it - but I did want to see if I could fix that insanely saturated orange skin and develop more of a three dimensional feel to it. On the fighter chick above I feel like another day or 2 could carry it to a whole new level, just with the right subtle little touches - but I really wanted to get these posted by midnight on Christmas Eve - maybe I'll take it farther in the next couple of days. 

Big year-end wrap-up post coming in the next week! Stay tuned! Oh, and you might have already guessed - but I've added a couple more progress images to the last post. 

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