Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Halfway through Logic 1 already!!!

I realized it with a bit of a shock this morning - I'm just about halfway there! And it's been - without checking (and considering my notorious inability to estimate time-chunks) slightly over a week? Need to check back on that. Yeppers. Saturday - August 27th - was my first Trivium post, with a pic of my newly-arrived homeschooling books all laid out. I think that was the day they came in and I launched into my studies.

And here I was, afraid this was going to take a couple of years or something! Well, other parts of it still might, though I'm making some massive progress through Composition (the Progymnasmata) as well - 1/2way through book 1 - Fables (but the Progymnasmata consists of 9 books, and some of the others are much thicker).

This is the first day I've taken off from studying - well, sort of. First I reviewed yesterday's lesson and realized it needs a little more time to settle in before I move on - there's danger of it coming apart if I try to nail anything new onto it just now. So rather than do the next lesson I read the rest of the book - just an initial read-through to develop a little familiarity with the concepts. This is an extremely helpful practice - makes it clear exactly why you need to learn each part along the way. You can see how it all fits together.

And how it's all fitting together is brilliant!!! It's apparent already this will develop ultimate clarity of thought and expression. Which in fact is precisely the goal of Aristotle's logic.

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