Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Finished first semester of Logic and Composition - just over 20 days!!

I did a weeks' worth of work each day - reducing the 20 week courses to just about 20 DAYS!! That's a semester of schoolwork folks -- in THREE WEEKS!!! And I took almost no days off during that time - when you're going for a short defined period like 3 weeks you can go really hard and take time off after the work is done, making for much greater productivity and focused work.

I'm surprised at how well I remembered the early parts of the Logic course - I thought those would escape my memory after so much time. But I was able to remember the functional parts pretty well - though I didn't fare so well on the pure memorization of non-essentials like the names of all the various Rules, Laws, Dictums, and descriptions. I don't really see the importance of remembering what all those things are called though, as long as you can perform them properly - THAT'S the important part.

Ultimately it doesn't matter if I can remember all that stuff, because I'm going to make myself a pocket-sized Logic Handbook, consisting of those parts I couldn't memorize. Armed with my Logic Handbook nestled under my wallet, I'll be able to do logic anytime, anywhere, until eventually I'll have it committed to memory well enough I won't need the book anymore.

I feel like doing all 20 lessons of the Progymnasmata (the Composition course) was overkill - I only needed about half as much, so going forward I'm planning to only do every other lesson, reducing it to 10 days per semester. If my math holds true, at this rate I should be able to finish the remaining 8 books of the Progymnasmata - 4 years' worth of lessons - in 3 months. If all goes according to plan, that's by the end of the year! Though including some time off and possible setbacks, most likely early 2017. By which time I'll also be done with the rest of the Logic courses, Rhetoric and all the other homeschooling material I ordered alongside it - the grammar and poetry.

Taking the rest of September off as a well deserved reward/vacation!

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