Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mellowing the Mouser

Worked out an excellent technique just now for adjusting skin tones and getting some blues and greens in there very subtly, with absolute control. Created a new HSL Adjustment layer & paint bucketed it full of solid black. I then made a mask by adding together 2 elections made with the lasso tool (for the skin areas). Then I set up both an eraser and a brush as Chalk brushes at low opacity. And finally I pushed Hue way over to one side so I could easily see exactly where I was erasing through the solid black mask.

Now I played around with the eraser, putting subtle marks here and there and if they were too much filling over them with the brush tool. Oh, and as soon as I made a few makes I could then adjust the Hue to exactly what I wanted. I discovered you don't want to adjust Saturation at all, leave it zeroed. Instead adjust intensity with the opacity level of the layer.

You can do this several times, using blue once, green the next time, whatevs. And finally when it's all done, since I always have a Mouser Copy layer under the top Mouser layer, which I make sure is identical before trying anything crazy like this, I can then adjust opacity on the top layer to find the sweet spot.

Ohm and Ilm exceptionally happy with the way I;m painting tonight. The previous work was over rendered - especially on the arms. Tonight I was working loosely and rapidly, rather than being all meticulous. It's going pretty fast and I really like the look. Starting to smooth things out and iron away some of the excess detail that stops the eyes.

It's really getting late, but I still want to sketch in a pouch real quick before I sack out - then all I have left is some finishing on the Mouser and some kind of background.

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