Sunday, September 14, 2014

Marble menagerie

Ok, not really marble, unglazed porcelain actually - but they do look like classical statues, sort of. I decided to order a few of the Unicorn Studio sculptures in hopes of breaking out of this slump - when I get new art stuff in it usually gets me raring to go. And I was getting a little annoyed that all the casts I already had were incomplete - just pieces of people. These are complete and graceful, and so realistic I think they must have been done from real models using a 3-D scanner and printer combo and probably finished by an artist. They're quite small - ranging from around 5 to 10 inches or so high (or long for the recliner) and pretty inexpensive - most of them run to $30, a couple a bit more.

Bought from Jatashop - links:

Male Sculptures
Female Sculptures

Scroll down and you'll see the Unicorn Studio sculptures near the bottom - they have several different versions of each in different finishes and sometimes different sizes. For drawing you want unglazed porcelain - it has the best surface and color for catching light and shadows perfectly. And if a larger version is available it will look better - the detailing is pretty soft on the smallest ones (but should be fine for drawing regardless - gonna find out anyway).

Really looking forward to drawing people with arms and legs and heads!!

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