Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What exactly am I doing?

It occurs to me that I don't usually set out to create artwork - everything is an exercise or an experiment. One piece I did that I think was done as artwork and not an exercise was the Beastseekers painting I did with Winton painting medium (the slow-drying stuff), with me and Rob as kids standing on the cliff. And it looks great. 

I do go into a different mindset - for instance when doing a school assignment. Or when showing off. But if my thinking is that I'm doing this piece just to build skills, then it's different. 

Also, I need to start learning how to create genre work, or type-specific work. Example, something that would work in a graphic novel, as opposed to something that would work as an illustration. And illustration is too broad a term - it encompasses the Brandywine school and Sienkiewiecz - totally different. Williams has his GN stuff, his big wall paintings, which are his most realistic work, and his sketchbook exercises, all of which are quite different. There's 60s/70s type paperback fantasy painting, there's 80's style GN/Epic Illustrated stuff, there's comic book (many different subdivisions there, 60's Kirby-style, or 80's Byrne/Austin?)

This is something an aspiring pro needs to be well aware of - it wouldn't do to get an email from an art director asking what genres you can do and you reply "what do you mean?"

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