Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Possibly the best book yet - and it's a freebie! Plus 2 bonus books that also look amazing

The Archetypal Imagination by James Hollis

Free PDF download (Official and Legal)

I was looking at this book on Amazon (link below the image) when I discovered a link to a free PDF version on the publisher's website. A godsend, because it's a fairly expensive book, and though it seemed like the best of all the books I've got in this recent spree - the one that speaks most personally and profoundly to me - I wasn't prepared to shell out more money. Not $20 plus shipping anyway. But the preview really did stir my imagination deeply, so I grabbed the PDF and started in on it (though I'm currently into about half a dozen books already hah!)

James Hollis seems to be one of a group of recent-ish post-Jungians who have absorbed and advanced his work in ways that I personally find exciting. As much as I like Edinger for his incredibly clear and well delineated explanations of Jung's ideas, Hollis just has a knack for writing that captures the numinous spark - he's more of a creative and inspired soul, or so it seems to me anyway.

I would say the same about Lionel Corbett - author of these books:

The Religious Function of the Psyche 

(Sorry, no free version)
Traditional concepts of God are no longer tenable for many people who nevertheless experience a strong sense of the sacred in their lives. The Religious Function of the Psyche offers a psychological model for the understanding of such experience, using the language and interpretive methods of depth psychology, particularly those of C.G. Jung and psychoanalytic self psychology. The problems of evil and suffering, and the notion of human development as an incarnation of spirit are dealt with by means of a religious approach to the psyche that can be brought easily into psychotherapeutic practice and applied by the individual in everyday life.
The book offers an alternative approach to spirituality as well as providing an introduction to Jung and religion.

Psyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion

(Nope, this one either!)
Lionel Corbett describes an approach to spirituality based on personal experience of the sacred rather than on pre-existing religious dogmas. Using many examples from Corbett's psychotherapy practice and other personal accounts, the book describes various portals through which the sacred may appear: in dreams, visions, the natural world, through the body, in relationships, in our psychopathology, and in our creative work. Using the language and insights of depth psychology, he describes the intimate relationship between spiritual experience and the psychology of the individual, revealing the seamless continuity and intermingling of the personal and transpersonal dimensions of the psyche. Corbett also discusses the problems of evil and suffering from a psychological rather than theological perspective, and suggests some of the reasons that traditional religious institutions fail to address adequately these problems. Based largely on Jung's writing on religion, but also drawing from contemporary psychoanalytic theory, Corbett describes an approach to spirituality that is gradually emerging alongside the western monotheistic tradition. For those seeking alternative forms of spirituality beyond the Judeo-Christian tradition, this volume will be a useful guide on the journey.

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