Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Roman Nose

Presenting this the opposite way round this time -- above is the most recent version, progressing backwards to the oldest. I'm playing around with the ideas from the previous post, about color saturation. My current strategy is to get the picture all fairly desaturated and add in touches of more vivid color where it seems appropriate. This is working very nicely. I also kept this blog open on my desktop, so I could see the Vampirella image in the last post, and used that as a guide. I'm experimenting with mixing up the airbrush-smooth stuff with the chunkier, more painterly stuff. It's kind of weird looking - the entire forehead is smooth while everything below the eyes is chunky. And the background is looking really streaky.

Mmmmm wow - sorry this one is bigger, doesn't show up right for comparison, does it? It's because I cropped off the edge of the image to get rid of all that empty darkness on the right. Those colors really scream out don't they?

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