Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dunn Dun Done

And I'm back. I did a few drawings over the previous 4 months, but not many a-tall. I'll scan them and upload tomorrow. What ended my sabbatical is a book about the Brandywine artists, which turned me on to Harvey Dunn - probably my favorite of them. This is one of his. I look at it and all I can see is dozens of things I want to fix - but then it's just a study - you can't go into laborious detail or work on them forever.

Here's a little blurb from a page I found about him online:

He was the President of the Society of Illustrators, and he used that platform to vigorously attack changes in the publishing industry that threatened to destroy the noble humanist traditons of illustration art. Dunn could see that the need of corporate mass marketing to control a unified media message would soon destroy the classic era of freelance illustration by stifling the voice of the artist's individual creativity. Up until then magazines had used art editors to make curatorial selections from trusted artists, but that cordial relationship ended when art editors were replaced by art directors, or as Dunn called them, "art dictators" - whose prescribed assignments were best fabricated by anonymous graphic studios. "If I can't sign my own name on a painting, why would I bother to paint it! I'd rather quit the business and paint landscapes. If you ever amount to anything at all, it will be because you are true to that deep desire or ideal which made you seek artistic expression." — Harvey Dunn

A man after my own heart truly.

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