Thursday, August 21, 2014

Endlessly prolific - Katsuya Terada and Charles Ratteray

These are by Charles Ratteray (link to his concept art sketchbook). And the following are by Katsuya Terada (Bing image search).

 I've discovered both of them recently, and had the same reaction to both - amazement at the wealth of restless energy. Looking at just about any image either of them has created, I get the feeling they're always drawing. Their work seems to be an endless outpouring of creative energy.

They certainly don't fear detail or work - in fact there's the sense that they might fear having to stop working! Compulsive drawing is definitely a thing - trust me, I've experienced it at times. I wish I could turn it on at will, but it doesn't seem to work that way, there needs to be some source of anxiety that you're avoiding. I can't say if these guys are compulsive or not - they might just be really super productive or extremely driven. Whatever it is, I wish I could tap into it.

Ratteray does a lot of storyboard work for big Hollywood productions, he's done Riddick and the new TMNT movie, and Terada has a new book out - I believe it's his first in English, called Dragon Girl and Monkey King. A little ways down the page is a flip-through video that hooked me - I now own the book.


  1. By chance i have found my way here

    it is most humbling- thank you for the good words

    - Charles Ratteray

  2. Hi Charles - wow, it's actually humbling to me that you've commented on my blog!! And than you for providing the inspiration and an excellent example.