Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ahh -- Conceptual Figure Drawing... so THAT'S what it's called!!

Recently I wrote about the 2 different approaches that I know of to classical  figure drawing -- the Atelier method which involves directly copying shapes precisely (I'm not sure Atelier is actually the right term anymore) and the one favored by Glen Vilppu, Hogarth, and the like, which involves analyzing the pose, drawing it in terms of gesture and then basic forms and casting light on it from an imaginary source. Well, I've learned the name for it -- guess you already saw it in the title. But for those who don't remember and are too lazy to look back up, it's Conceptual figure drawing.

Here's a video from where the god of figure drawing Glen Vilppu demonstrates some excellent techniques:

Seeing this was the inspiration for my above sketch. Conte pencil on newsprint, and in the 2nd state rubbed with a finger and heightened with white.

** Ok, apparently the name of the method where you copy exactly what you see shape for shape and tone for tone is Direct drawing. Makes sense. I think some ateliers teach the Direct method, some teach the Consceptual, and some might teach both.

*** New info added 11-5 ----

Just learned a couple more terms for these two different approaches. Direct observational drawing (and painting) is also called the Academic or Illustrative approach, and Constructive figure drawing can also be called Conceptual or Analytical, since the artist is analyzing the model and then re-conceptualizing it.

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